Global HR recruitment

Our global recruitment offering enables companies to quickly identify and hire new team members in key locations globally through The SR Group’s international network.

Explore our Global recruitment solutions

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a truly global offering

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What we do

Executive search

We’re a market leader in executive search, adept at finding leadership and board-level specialists globally.


With an unrivalled HR network and robust recruitment process, we can find you the right person for your team.

Interim management

We partner with highly skilled interim contractors, helping you to move projects forward without delay.

Our global talent team

With decades of experience within the industry and an unrivalled network of connections throughout the HR community, we have an outstanding team of global recruitment experts.

Our international clients

Global hiring solutions

We are part of The SR Group, a global recruitment company which also comprises specialist search and recruitment consultancies Brewer Morris, Carter Murray, and Taylor Root.  

Our specialisms

Marketing and sales

Carter Murray is a global marketing and sales search and recruitment consultancy.

They connect marketing, digital, sales, business development, communications and investor relations professionals with global brands as well as cutting-edge start-ups across the world.

Tax, treasury and senior finance

Brewer Morris is a tax, treasury and senior finance search and recruitment consultancy.

With a reputation for delivering exceptional results, international offices and extensive networks of talent, they’re a trusted partner for connecting outstanding professionals with leading companies all over the world.

Legal, risk and compliance

Taylor Root is a legal, risk and compliance search and recruitment consultancy. 

They connect a global network of proven industry professionals with the world’s most sought-after law firms and businesses. 

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