Whitepaper: AI capabilities in Germany

IT leaders in Germany believe that more than half of their team’s current tasks will be automated by 2030.

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We worked with Eureka Box and Sapio Research to survey IT leaders in Germany, revealing that the vast majority of businesses are making solid progress in integrating generative AI into operations and workflows. Across a number of AI-related disciplines, more than three quarters of firms already have programmes underway.

We asked respondents about their organisation’s progress in rolling out programmes across a range of AI fields, including ethics, governance, system training and human plus AI collaboration.

Download our whitepaper to learn more about:

  • How organisations are developing their AI capabilities
  • Confidence in building out AI capabilities and upskilling teams
  • The in-demand technical and soft skills in an era of generative AI

some highlights

  • 82% of IT leaders in Germany are confident they can find people with the skills needed to fully capitalise on the opportunities of AI
  • 57% expect to make a senior hire to work with a team and grow AI capabilities and competence
  • Creativity is seen by IT leaders as the most important soft skill for developing AI capabilities


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