Diversity, equity and inclusion

Authentic diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) recruitment practices start from within.

We’re on a journey of constant learning and education to ensure we improve our own practices – and those of everyone we work with.

Explore Diversity, EQUITY AND Inclusion

Our approach

At Keller West, we try to empower every colleague to bring their true self to work, every day.

And we want clients and candidates to experience that inclusiveness too.

By educating ourselves and appreciating how different life experiences shape us, we’re in a stronger position to understand the professionals we work with beyond their profiles.

As a recruitment company, we’re aware of the vital role we can play in creating a more diverse, inclusive and progressive future for workplaces of every shape and size.


We run events and initiatives celebrating causes including International Women’s Day and Neurodiversity Week


We’re members of the Mindful Business Charter to promote better mental health and wellbeing in the workplace


We work with companies like Resurgo in the UK to support social mobility through employment

Passionate about progress 

Our entire business lives and breathes IT executive search and recruitment.

So, it’s no surprise that DEI is something we’re deeply passionate about.

That’s why we’ve introduced our DEI Pledge – a commitment to challenging ourselves.

It’s a journey that won’t end, because a truly progressive business never stops learning and questioning.

The actions we take 

To ensure we’re always moving in the right direction, improving diversity within our recruitment processes and offering the right advice to our clients, there are a number of actions we’ve taken: 

Purposeful volunteering

We offer inclusive volunteering for our employees to connect them with social hardships in local areas – and partner with the likes of Benefacto to do this across the business 

Sustainable network

We’ve signed up to the Mindful Business Charter, a framework to promote better mental health and wellbeing in the workplace 

Essential training

We provide mandatory DEI training to all employees, aiming to empower our employees with a deeper understanding of the factors that influence their decision making

Global partnerships

We partner with initiatives around the world, including Resurgo and Project Search in the UK to support social mobility, The Diversity Council in Australia to support workplace DEI practices and board membership of AIESEC Alumni Europe, a platform for young people to develop leadership skills 

Diverse recruitment

We’ve revamped our internal hiring strategy by acknowledging that ‘company fit’ has a habit of attracting recruiters who look for very similar candidates. We’re committed to increasing diversity through tactics like removing qualifications from CVs or focusing on competence and potential, rather than backgrounds 

Progressive pioneers

We have historically run DEI initiatives and events discussing a wide range of issues, including advancing racial equity in partnership with HR Rewired, disability inclusion featuring Ellie Simmonds OBE, and empowering female leaders

Impactful initiatives

We have a dedicated DEI committee that meets monthly to ensure we are meeting various pledges and to report to the board on DEI progress 

Just the beginning

These actions represent the beginning of our DEI journey, rather than the end.

We’re constantly working to improve our own methods and to bring in new perspectives on an issue that is so central to everything we do.

So, watch this space for new partnerships and new learnings.

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