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Author Philipp Hilterhaus
October 28, 2023

The increasing demand for IT interims in Germany 

How do businesses benefit from hiring IT interims? Over the last few years, the demand for interim professionals in Germany has drastically increased as more businesses rely on freelancers across all areas of IT – including digital, data, cyber security and infrastructure.  

According to 2023 study by Freelancer, Germany is one of the top 10 countries in the world for freelancing. The Gen Z workforce prioritise flexibility and independence over 9-5 office jobs, so SIA predicts that over 50% of the global workforce will be freelancers by 2027.  

How do businesses benefit from hiring IT interims? 

This increased demand and appetite is driven by a combination of benefits for employers and for interim professionals themselves. For businesses, freelancers offer a huge number of advantages to support their objectives and strategies: 

How do candidates benefit taking from interim IT roles?

In turn, there are also many benefits for the candidate. According to Freelancer’s study, 73% of freelancers say they became a freelancer partly because they like to be their own boss. 52% cited better opportunities for a higher income. 51% said they like the flexible working hours. Other benefits include:

  • Skill development and expanded knowledge base: interim IT professionals can develop their skills by working with a diverse range of companies and projects. They are often challenged to solve unique problems, and have the opportunity to work with different people and perspectives
  • Flexibility and independence: interim IT roles can often provide more flexibility than permanent positions. Professionals also have the chance to choose which projects they work on and can manage their own workload independently. 77% of freelancers will reject a project if the hourly rate is too low
  • Financial benefits: interim IT professionals are also tempted by the competitive compensation they can receive because of their specialist and expert skills. As the demand for these professionals increase, they can demand better pay to reflect the value of their work. This is especially true for day or project-based rates

How can Keller West help businesses and interim IT professionals?

At Keller West, we always try to find the right match for employers and freelancers. We will only approach those businesses or candidates that we think are the right fit for one another. We also interview candidates ourselves before the introduction to listen to their needs and make sure they align with our client’s.

We can work with new and existing clients to connect them with interim professionals. First, we’ll have a detailed discussion about the vacancy. We’ll then start searching for a suitable candidate from our large database.

For us, it’s not only the skills match that’s important. It’s also the personal relationships we have with employers and candidates. We perform as efficiently as possible, so our clients usually receive the first suitable candidates within the first 48 hours after the interview.

We also continue to support our clients throughout our relationship with frequent catch ups. As recruitment consultants, we have a unique insight into the market, so we’re able to discuss:

  • Strategies for managing interim IT employees
  • Updates on industry trends
  • Industry-specific insights

We can also support candidates with guidance and advice around their career progression, such as interview preparation, CV support and company insights.

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