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Author Mohammed Zahir
October 24, 2023

IT professionals across all seniority, levels, sectors and company sizes are expected to have a wealth of hard and soft skills to be successful in their role. As global experts in specialist IT search and recruitment, we’ve put together a list of some of the industry’s most popular resources to help IT experts of all levels.


  • The Phoenix Project” by Gene Kim, Kevin Behr, and George Spafford: Fictional story that teaches IT management and DevOps principles through real-world scenarios
  • Clean Code” by Robert C. Martin: how to write clean, maintainable code, provides practical guidance for improving coding skills
  • The Pragmatic Programmer” by Andrew Hunt and David Thomas: Techniques and tips for becoming a more efficient, effective programmer
  • Cracking the Coding Interview” by Gayle Laakmann McDowell: Essential guide for technical interview preparation, covering a range of programming questions
  • Python Crash Course” by Eric Matthes: Beginner-friendly resource to learn Python programming through hands-on projects
  • The Art of Computer Programming” by Donald E. Knuth: Comprehensive series on programming fundamentals and algorithms
  • Zero to One” by Peter Thiel and Blake Masters: Insights for tech entrepreneurs on innovation and building successful start-ups
  • Continuous Delivery” by Jez Humble and David Farley: Principles and practices of achieving continuous delivery in software development
  • The Lean Startup” by Eric Ries: Strategies for building successful start-ups using lean and agile approaches
  • War Peace IT” by Mark Schwartz: IT transformation in the digital era and strategies for success
  • Information Technology Project Management” by Kathy Schwalbe: Guidance on effective IT project management from initiation to completion
  • Cybersecurity and Cyberwar” by P.W. Singer and Allan Friedman: Accessible overview of cybersecurity challenges in the modern digital landscape



  • YouTube hosts a wide range of IT-related channels and tutorials. Channels like “Traversy Media“, “The Net Ninja” and “Codecademy” offer programming tutorials and web development lessons
  • For cybersecurity, consider channels like “Cybrary” and “Hak5” that provide educational content on hacking, security practices, and ethical hacking

Coursera and edX

These platforms offer online courses on IT topics, often delivered by top universities and institutions. You can find courses on programming, cloud computing, data science and more.


Pluralsight is a platform dedicated to IT training. It offers video courses on various IT disciplines, including software development, IT operations, cybersecurity, and more.


Udemy features a plethora of IT courses taught by industry experts. You can find courses on programming languages, networking, machine learning, and more.

LinkedIn Learning

Formerly known as, LinkedIn Learning provides video courses on a wide range of IT topics, from coding to project management and leadership skills.

Cisco Networking Academy

Cisco offers free online courses and video resources on networking and cybersecurity topics through their Networking Academy program.

Microsoft Virtual Academy (MVA)

While it’s transitioned to Microsoft Learn, MVA still provides video resources and courses on Microsoft technologies and certifications.

Tech conferences and talks

Many IT conferences and tech events share their sessions and talks on platforms like YouTube. Look for TEDx talks, Google I/O sessions, and technology-focused conferences.

Twitch streams and live coding

Some developers and IT professionals stream their coding sessions or discussions on platforms like Twitch. This can provide insights into real-world coding and problem-solving.


Universities like MIT and Stanford offer free video lectures and course materials online through their OpenCourseWare initiatives. These cover a wide array of IT-related topics.


  • Bits und so“: Hosts discuss a wide range of tech-related topics, including Apple products, software development, gadgets, and more
  • Logbuch:Netzpolitik“: Focuses on digital policy, privacy, surveillance, and the broader impact of technology on society
  • SoftwareArchitektur“: Explores software architecture, design patterns, best practices, and development methodologies
  • Doppelgänger Tech Talk“: Offers insights into startups, entrepreneurship, and the latest developments in the tech industry
  • Informationssicherheit einfach verstehen“: A podcast focusing on cybersecurity, privacy, encryption, and the challenges of our digital age
  • Cybersecurity entschlüsselt“: Explores cybersecurity topics, including hacking, data breaches, privacy concerns, and best practices

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Online communities and events

Online communities

  • Reddit – r/technology: A subreddit dedicated to discussions about technology, IT news, and emerging trends
  • Stack Overflow: A community-driven Q&A platform for programmers to ask and answer technical questions
  • GitHub: A platform for developers to collaborate on open-source projects and share code
  • A social platform for programmers to share articles, engage in discussions, and learn from each other
  • TechRepublic: A community for IT professionals offering articles, forums, and resources on various IT topics
  • Spiceworks: A community for IT professionals to share knowledge, ask questions, and discuss technology solutions
  • The Hacker News: A social news website that covers technology, start-ups, programming, and more
  • LinkedIn Groups: Join LinkedIn groups focused on IT, software development, cybersecurity, and related topics for networking and discussions

Online events and webinars

  • Google I/O: Google’s annual developer conference covering a wide range of tech topics
  • Microsoft Build: Microsoft’s developer conference featuring the latest in Microsoft technologies and tools
  • AWS re:Invent: Amazon Web Services’ annual event focused on cloud computing and AWS services
  • Cisco Live: Cisco’s annual conference covering networking, security, and IT infrastructure
  • VMworld: VMware’s virtualization and cloud computing conference
  • DevOpsDays: A series of community-driven conferences focusing on DevOps practices and culture
  • Black Hat: A renowned cybersecurity event covering the latest trends and research in security
  • DEF CON: One of the world’s largest hacking conferences, covering security, hacking, and related topics

Hackathons and coding competitions

Look for hackathons and coding competitions that align with your interests. Websites like HackerRank and Codeforces list coding challenges and competitions.


Technology news websites

  • TechCrunch: Offers breaking tech news, start-up coverage, and analysis on the latest trends in the tech industry
  • Wired: Covers technology, science, culture, and the impact of technology on society
  • The Verge: Provides in-depth coverage of technology, gadgets, and culture with a focus on user-friendly explanations
  • CNET: Offers reviews, news, and analysis on technology products, trends, and events
  • Ars Technica: Focuses on in-depth technology news, analysis, and reviews
  • ZDNet: Covers IT news, trends, and analysis for professionals and enthusiasts
  • Mashable: Features news and insights on technology, digital culture, and entertainment
  • VentureBeat: Covers technology trends, start-ups, and innovations in the tech industry
  • Gizmodo: Offers news and reviews on gadgets, science, and technology culture

Industry blogs and online publications

  • MIT Technology Review: Provides authoritative insights on emerging technologies and their impact on society
  • ReadWrite: Focuses on tech trends, IoT, start-ups, and digital innovation
  • Smashing Magazine: Offers articles on web design, development, and UX/UI topics
  • Hacker Noon: A community-driven platform for tech professionals to share insights and stories
  • InfoWorld: Covers enterprise technology news, trends, and analysis
  • TechRepublic: Offers IT news, resources, and how-to guides for IT professionals
  • SecurityWeek: Provides news and analysis on cybersecurity and information security
  • Covers DevOps practices, tools, and trends
  • Data Science Central: Focuses on data science, machine learning, and analytics
  • CloudTech: Offers insights and news related to cloud computing and infrastructure

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